Oterra makes natural food and beverages easy, for a sustainable and healthy world


As the leading worldwide provider of natural colors, we offer food and beverage manufacturers an alternative to artificial colors. Food and health are at the heart of everything we do and every day over 400 million people eat a product with our colors in it.

  • No one knows color like nature

    We are the largest provider of natural food colors worldwide. Since our first food color launch in 1876, we’ve continued to offer the power of nature’s true colors to the food and beverage industry. With Oterra, you have access to the widest portfolio of natural food colors in the industry. And our commitment to R&D, our world-class application expertise, and our control of each raw material’s value chain are why we lead the industry.

  • A productive workplace

    As places of work, our production facilities provide safe conditions, a modern management style and a reasonable wage. For over a decade we have focused heavily on water and energy reduction and will continue to improve our manufacturing footprint. We have the same requirements for our supplying partners.

  • Bringing diversity home

    With over 900 employees in 28 countries, we're no stranger to diversity. We believe in diversity of thought and are committed to including all employees regardless of nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, age, etc. A diverse workforce produces the best work culture and the strongest results. We make non-discriminatory hiring choices and encourage employees to live and work in new cultures.